At BM Business Success Insurance Agency, we dedicate ourselves to providing our clients the best full-service auto insurance coverage. Motor accidents are inevitable — even if you try to be really safe on the road. What’s worse is that you have to foot the expensive damage repair bills afterward.

Fortunately, we offer you access to comprehensive auto insurance policies that can protect both you and your vehicle from auto-related incidents.

What It Covers

Third Party Insurance – Third party insurance policy offers the bare minimum. It also covers injuries or damage to other people and property.
Third Party (Fire and Theft) Insurance – This is quite similar to Third Party Insurance, but also covers the cost for repair or replacement of stolen or fire-damaged vehicles.
Comprehensive Insurance – This is the maximum level of insurance coverage policy. It covers damage to your own vehicle as well as accidents with other vehicles.

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Home is where the heart is — as well as a sizeable chunk of your investment! Without a doubt, a house is one of the most, if not the most, expensive thing people purchase in their life. No matter the square footage or the architecture, your home is your castle, and you need to protect it.
This is where home insurance comes in.

Acquiring homeowner’s insurance is crucial to making sure you don’t suffer a substantial loss. Losing your home can set you back both financially and emotionally. From extreme weather conditions to natural disasters, having a backup plan is crucial when it comes to your biggest investment.

A good home insurance policy will not only shield you from any contingencies that may arise, but will also give you peace of mind.

What It Covers

Home insurances ideally cover:

Your home’s exterior structure
Property damage
Serious illness insurance
Extra coverage options, such as sewage backup, home equipment breakdown, identity theft coverage

All insurance policies are different and are tailor-made to suit your individual needs. Here at BM Business Success Insurance Agency, we’re committed to protecting your family and home no matter what.


Have you ever wondered what would happen if a lawyer served you with a lawsuit that was for a jaw-dropping amount? If that happened, you would have to sell all of your expensive things and pray it’s enough to pay for the lawyer who will defend you. Then you have to hope that you win the case.

Lawsuits can hit you anytime and when they do, it could devastate your family. By having an umbrella insurance, you’ll safeguard your family from potential liabilities. The most wonderful thing about umbrella insurance is the price. Only several hundred dollars a year could protect your family for several millions of dollars in lawsuits. What does it mean to have an umbrella policy; it means that you don’t have to hire an attorney, your insurance company will. You get to sleep well at night knowing that your family’s standard of living will continue well after the lawsuit.

What It Covers

Umbrella insurances ideally cover:

An underlined auto policy
An underlined home policy
Protection from injury at home
Protection from legal defense due to a car accident over auto insurance coverages
Protection from lawsuits directed at insured from personal business or everyday events
Protection from all liabilities that are listed in home and/or auto policies